Football Tournament – Ghaziabad

AGE GROUP: Boys born when 01.01.2006 (Under 14)

Road to Europe we’ll offer you with an opportunity to showcase your talent before of European Scouts and Clubs. IKF brings in these high Scouts to India. Your task is simple, to impress them together with your taking part in vogue and book your seat for month-long trials in Europe with the potential to kick starter your football game player journey in Europe.

Are you able to live your dream of being knowledgeable player and play for the Club you have got been supporting? Trials in Asian nation Regional trials will present itself across India and also the Final Trials are going to be conducted in Mumbai by European Scouts.

the chosen batch of boys and women will visit Europe for the trials which is able to facilitate them grow to be the best. Trials in Europe selected batch of boys and girls will get a chance to showcase their talent before of high European Clubs to begin their football game journey. Share

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