Noida City FC Senior Team Trials

For Registration Call: 7678285411

Our Mission: To provide a pleasant and secure learning environment in which players may play and grow as soccer players.

Wolves Football Club is committed to assisting all of our soccer players in reaching their full potential on the field. All of our teaching is tailored to our athletes’ individual degrees of dedication and developmental stages. We are certain that young players who are encouraged to show their natural ability, trust in their technique, and are comfortable making mistakes will achieve their full potential and create a lifelong love of the game. Lessons learnt on the soccer field and on the training ground instil excellent habits and life skills in our young athletes, preparing them for the future.

As we fulfil our goals for player and club development, Wolves Football Club will be the primary centre of young soccer expertise and activity in Delhi/NCR.

Our Objectives: • Our recreational programme will continue to give soccer to any player in our community who chooses to participate.
• The club will have secured the use of a year-round training facility within the community in partnership with the city and/or local school board through continued careful financial management and fundraising endeavours.
• Our top players will earn scholarships to university and college programmes, compete for spots in the i-league and Indian Super League, and be selected to provincial and national teams on a regular basis.
• Players of all levels will return year after year because they will acquire new skills and enhance their game while having fun at our club.

Our Values: The Wolves Football Club’s Values were created to remind players, parents, coaches, and staff that the life skills and experience gained through skill development, competition, and collaboration are far more valuable than winning on the field of play.

We think that everyone has the right to pursue their own particular levels of excellence. Wolves Football Club will aim to maintain club greatness at all times.

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